Svalbard Satellite Station is owned and operated by Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT), a Norwegian for profitcompany owned 50-50% by the Norwegian Space Centre (NSC) and Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace (KDA).

The business idea for Svalbard Satellite Station (SvalSat) is to provide cost-effective services to polar satellite operators. Satellite owners and operators may use existing equipment on a time and cost sharing basis, while some users may want to locate edicated equipment at the site.

This approach opens for a flexible operation which will minimize operational costs. Low-earth polar orbiting satellites often collect information during an entire Earth orbit, then download it all directly to a ground station when they are within line of sight. From stations located at lower latitudes the satellites are only visible during some of the 14 daily orbits. Svalbard Satellite Station at 78° N will, however, have contact with the satellites during all 14 orbits. Total coverage can therefore be provided from one station. SvalSat is also easily accessible, and has an efficient infrastructure good communication links. Coverage diagram Services are available from existing antennas or the user may install dedicated equipment.